Global Soul Movement "Ways of Knowing"


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How to Heal The Echoes of The Past with Family Constellations

With Global Soul Movement Mentor Francesca Mason Boring


Living as an African Shaman (Sangoma) and Allopathic Western Doctor

With Global Soul Movement Mentor Dr. David Cumes


Walking in Your Shoes

With Global Soul Movement Mentor Joseph Culp


Becoming a Heart Ambassador and Cultivating a Business Plan for Peace

With Global Soul Movement Mentor Sheva Carr


TEDx Your Purpose

With Global Soul Movement Mentor Erin Loman Jeck


Using Masks for Healing and Social Change

With Global Soul Movement Mentor Pash Galbavy


The Art of Living By Your Human Design

With Global Soul Movement Mentor Karen Curry Parker


End of Life Planning As A Recipe for More Life

With Global Soul Movement MentorS Reena Lazar and Michelle Pante


Human Design For Us All

With Global Soul Movement Mentors Chetan Parkyn and Carola Eastwood


Faces, Rituals and Phases of The Sacred Feminine

With Global Soul Movement Mentor Amanda Elo'esh


The Art of Self Love and Inner Bonding

With Global Soul Movement Mentor Stel Fine


From Pieces To Peace

With Global Soul Movement Mentor Anael Harpaz


Creating Intimacy in a Disconnected Online World

With Global Soul Movement Mentor Yifat Cohen



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Access your mentor sessions IMMEDIATELY after registration and enjoy UNLIMITED lifetime access - across any and all devices you own.
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To honor the value our mentors provide and to keep our administration costs low (so we can pass these savings on to you) we do NOT provide refunds. We appreciate your support and ask that you please invest consciously.
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Mentor sessions are available during: (a) The "live" event. Join us for upcoming *FREE* events at (b) When you purchase the entire series. Get immediate access once you purchase the series on this page. (c) When we offer complimentary replays after the live event.  Subscribe to receive notifications of upcoming mentoring sessions at
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